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Job Offers

Job Offers

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  Fermentation Engineer

  Hiring: 1 person;  Age: 22-38 years。

  Job Responsibilities:

    1. Have experimental design capabilities, responsible for process development.

    2. Familiar with fermentation tank, the fermentation process to develop a reasonable and accurate control of fermentation parameters.

    3. Completed in accordance with the true and complete monitoring and recording of all sectors and make records related experiments.

    4. Reasonable analysis phenomena that occur during the fermentation, the fermentation process to solve technical problems, to complete the production process improvement and validation.

  Capacity requirements:

    1. Microbiology, bio-engineering, fermentation engineering and other related professional Bachelor degree or above.

    2. Familiar with E. coli or yeast fermentation, and simple separation of crude pure skill, with fermenter production of recombinant proteins experience is preferred.

    3. With a strong sense of professionalism and sense of responsibility, proactive, have good communication skills and team spirit.

    4. For graduates, excellent condition may be relaxed requirements, fermentation engineering priority.

    5. There is a strong spirit of bearing hardships, able to bear overtime work.


  Test engineers

  Hiring: 2; Education: Bachelor.

    1. Biological engineering, biological science, biotechnology and related professional, undergraduate and above.

    2. Biologically active, detecting more than a year of work experience and specific activity, protein content, protein electrophoresis, ELISA, endotoxin, West-Blotting and other related biological products, outstanding graduates also.

    3. Familiar with the biochemical detection, routine immunoassay, learning ability, can the new test items timely follow-up study, and independent design and implementation of detection methods.

    4. Good communication and teamwork skills, good communication skills, learning ability and compression capabilities.

    5. Acceptable business, health.

    6. For the experienced technical personnel can be reduced academic requirements.


  Sales Assistant

  Hiring: 1 person; & nbsp; Age: 25-35 years old.

  Job Responsibilities:

  Under the guidance of their superiors to complete:

    1. Establishment and management of sales related documents; responsible for sales contracts and other marketing documents and materials management, classification, sorting, filing and custody work.

    2. Order processing.

    3. Upstream and downstream customers to communicate and coordination, establish and manage customer profiles.

    4. Responsible for collating and checking all types of sales targets and sales data, as required to complete monthly, quarterly and annual statistical reports and report production, written and ready to answer the leadership of the sales dynamics question.

    5. Accounting sales, HR organizations to assist sales staff performance evaluation.

    6. Responsible for the collection, sorting, summarized market, prices, and product and other information.

    7. Provide all logistical support sales.

  Capacity requirements:

    1. Undergraduate accounting, economics, medicine, etc. and above. Accounting and medicine preferred.

    2. Mandarin standards; good level of English is preferred.

    3. More than three years of relevant work experience, strong sense of responsibility.

    4. Good communication and coordination skills, adaptability, communication skills and stress resistance.

    5. Familiar with common office software.

    6. Honest and trustworthy, meticulous work, rational, strong learning ability.

    7. Healthy body.


  Quality control staff

  Number: Several

  Job Responsibilities:

    1. Responsible for the first commercial enterprise, the first battalion of drugs were collected, review and archiving;

    2. Responsible for the company's business customer information collection, review and will stop;

  Capacity requirements:

    1. Pharmacy, secondary and higher education, more than one year of work experience.

    2. Pharmaceutical sales job card holders who are familiar with GSP-related knowledge, and proficiency in the use of OFFICE software.

  Office Address: Jinniu sand Heyuan streets of Union Community Group 9 ancient Jing Road No. 50 attached to the 3rd


  Beauty / Pharmaceutical Product Specialist

  Hiring: 1 person

  Job Responsibilities:

    1. Responsible for market research and analysis of pharmaceutical products or beauty products, and organize relevant information.

    2. Complete pharmaceutical product under the guidance of a higher level manager or beauty products strategy development, product design and marketing design.

    3. Complete pharmaceutical products or beauty products promotional material design and production.

    4. Cost accounting, data collection and analysis for product promotion, the company decision making.

    5. Support and guidance to product marketing, including: product promotion, exhibitions and academic exchanges and other promotion, monitoring and evaluation of promotional activities.

  Capacity requirements:

    1. Medicine, pharmacy, marketing, biotechnology and other related undergraduate degree or above.

    2. Having medicines, beauty products, medical equipment product planning and marketing work experience is preferred.

    3. Skilled use of office equipment and software, familiar way to Find mode and can be proficient in reading English professional literature.

    4. With strong data analysis capabilities, skills, ability to cooperate, self-learning ability

    5. Honest and trustworthy, hard working.

    6. Healthy body.


  Merchants Commissioner

  Hiring: 4 people

  Job Responsibilities:

    1. Assist in the completion of the investment manager, investment tasks and development, collect and collate merchant list, contact us investment business.

    2. Establish and improve the original customer database, summary report to the leadership and make the data archiving.

    3. According to the investment milestones, good week, month, quarter, annual statistical reports.

    4. Gather market information, to understand the potential customer needs and competitor situation, understand the industry dynamics and current market conditions.

  Capacity requirements:

    1. More than 1 year beauty industry professional line / on the line Merchants, channel development or sales experience.

    2. Good communication skills, able to work independently, Siwei Ming sharp, good market analysis, able to develop strategies and programs.

    3. Master sales and negotiation skills, with customer service orientation, and business negotiations and telephone communication skills.

    4. It has the ability to independently receive customers with the final signing, strong organizational skills and team work spirit.

    5. A dream, passion preferred.


  Merchants Commissioner pharmaceutical products

  Hiring: 1 person

  job description:

    1. Responsible for completing the investment sales pharmaceutical / medical products.

    2. According to the company to develop sales plans to achieve sales targets.

    3. Agents responsible for information gathering, selection, evaluation, negotiation, customer management, etc., and agents to provide sales support and service.

    4. Responsible for market expansion within the scope of the jurisdiction of customer care.

    5. Market information within the scope of the collection and collation of jurisdiction and feedback.

    6. Build all kinds of files, information databases.

  Capacity requirements:

    1. Tertiary and higher education, medicine, pharmacy and other related professional priority.

    2. Familiar with daily office software.

    3. Strong communication, coordination and interpersonal skills; honest and trustworthy, good health.

    4. Merchants more than one year of experience or a network of channel resources abundant preferred.

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