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Chengdu Farwits Biotechnology Co., one of the first companies settled in Sichuan Tianfu New Area, which was approved as a national economic and Technological Development Zone. Farwits are committed to building the high technology platform on technology research, development, service, industrial transformation of disease diagnosis and prevention, also the introduction of innovative biomedical products.
Relying on the technological advantages, we provide a high-level process development and optimization services for the upstream and downstream areas, and we hatch innovative biological products (Aesthetic medicine, clinical diagnosis).Our R & D team consists of scientists and engineers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences university, the management team composed of senior management personnel, lawyer and investment expert.Farwits is committed to achieve standardized management from the early stage of entrepreneurship.We have invested more than 16 million CHY on R & D and we have acquired several innovative research fruits, such as New Rabies Vaccine and other new type of vaccine, tumor therapeutic antibodies and other therapeutic drugs, diagnostic reagents and bioactive factor, etc. Currently we carry out industrial transformation and the relevant products began to be listed on sale.
Farwits has a strong technical strength, we provide technical services as much as commissioned research of biomedical projects, product customization, we improve the industrialization of achievement on basic research data, research results evaluation and transfer, Clinical trials and registration of pharmaceutical products for enterprises and research institutions.

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Head Office



Add:Room 301, Tianfu Innovation Center, Southern Section #846, Tianfu Avenue, Chengdu,Sichuan, China

Transformation Center


Add:Room E21, 5/F, Building B, Block 1, Northern Section #1480, High-tech Zone, Chengu, Sichuan, China